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Party Favors

Are you planning a wedding or welcoming a baby? Check out our new line of party favors!  We offer a selection of our most popular products in a size your guests will love.  Custom favors can be created with one product or several.  Perfect for wedding or baby showers, sprinkles, birthday parties, and bridesmaid's gifts.  Our products would also be a lovely addition to a restroom amenity basket or welcome gift for your guests' hotel rooms.


2 oz Lavender Candle: $4.50
Mini Sachet: $3.00
1 oz Lavender Linen Spray: $3.00
Mini Soap: $3.00
1 oz Hydrosol: $3.00
Lavender Lip Balm: $4.00
1 oz Lavender Room Mist: $3.00
1 oz Lavender Lotion: $4.00


Contact us to place an order.

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